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Psilocybin therapy retreat in Cozumel: A spiritual journey from Cancun

Psilocybin Therapy

MindScape Retreat offers a luxurious Psilocybin Therapy experience, focusing on psilocybin-assisted healing for issues like chemical dependency, depression, PTSD, and anxiety, as well as personal growth. Our unique therapy combines modern techniques with nature immersion. Enjoy daily snorkeling, excursions, and beach relaxation as part of our holistic program. Discover transformative psychedelic therapy in a comforting and rejuvenating environment, designed for your journey of healing and self-discovery

An Evidence based approach to healing

Our approach's 'magic' stems not only from the medicine but also from our holistic therapeutic framework. Crafted to amplify and sustain the medicine's benefits, this framework guarantees enduring positive transformation. It's the fusion of sophisticated therapy and nurturing practices that fully realizes the medicine's promise.

Types of Psilocybin Progams

Health & Optimization

Chemical Substance

Depression, PTSD & Trauma

Our program is carefully tailored to lead individuals on a deep journey of personal growth, spirituality, and wellness through psilocybin-assisted therapy. Our workshops, aimed at nurturing profound self-awareness, encourage exploration of one's values and beliefs. Participants gain crucial insights for personal development, propelling them towards self-discovery and overall well-being

Chemical substance use/abuse and behavioral compulsions encompass a range of detrimental habits engaged in despite adverse effects on one's life. These habits often serve as coping mechanisms, from numbing pain to seeking pleasure, self-medicating, or succumbing to social pressures. Seeking professional assistance is a courageous and crucial move towards recovery.

This therapeutic approach is grounded in the scientific hypothesis that psychedelic-assisted treatment can effectively restructure ingrained belief systems and address deep-seated trauma, facilitating a physiological reset for sustained recovery. Specifically designed for treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and PTSD, the program incorporates a suite of supportive services aimed at addressing the fundamental psychological underpinnings of these mental health conditions

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How does Psilocybin therapy work?

Psilocybin therapy in Cozumel: Bridging Cancun's energy with spiritual healing

Picture the brain as a stiff, inflexible block of clay, symbolizing set thought patterns and ingrained behaviors. Years of conditioning and repetitive habits harden it, representing the challenge in altering deep-rooted ways of thinking and behaving

A tranquil haven for psilocybin therapy near Riviera Maya, in Cozumel

Scientifically, consuming chemicals or experiencing trauma disrupts the brain's neural network, impairing its function. This leads to neuronal misfiring and the formation of incorrect neural pathways, affecting overall brain performance

From Riviera Maya's hustle to Cozumel's psilocybin peace

Scientific studies reveal that conventional therapy and medication are akin to a sculptor carefully reshaping clay. This extended process, often lasting years, has shown a modest success rate in providing relief and support, as per recent research findings

Psilocybin sessions in Cozumel: A journey from Playa del Carmen to inner peace

Psilocybin therapy functions like heating clay, essentially 'resetting your brain's clock'. It quickly makes the brain pliable and adaptable. Studies indicate Ibogaine enhances this by impacting brain neuroplasticity, enabling swift, notable shifts in neural connections and thought processes

Cozumel's psilocybin retreat: A spiritual sanctuary near Cancun

As the clay becomes soft and pliable, it signifies new neural connections and the altering of deep-rooted habits, embodying neuroplasticity in action. The brain's reorganization capacity is at the forefront. In Ibogaine therapy, our therapists are key in swiftly aiding the reshaping of the malleable mind, leading to quicker, more impactful mental changes

Immerse in Cozumel's psilocybin experiences, a stone's throw from Tulum

Psilocybin-assisted therapy enables an easier shift from old habits and thought patterns, paving the way for healthier behaviors and mindsets. It resets your brain, evoking a sense of awakening and renewal. It's like reversing time, offering a chance to break from past habits and build lasting new ones, empowering you to reshape your patterns and journey towards enduring positive transformation

What can you expect on your Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Journey?

Journey to Cozumel from Cancun for profound psilocybin therapy

Pre-screening & Application

Our thorough, commitment-free screening ensures psychedelic-assisted therapy suits you. Post-screening, a deposit secures your selected retreat dates

Cozumel's mushroom retreat: A serene escape near Playa del Carmen

Pre-Retreat Preperaration

Before the retreat, you'll have two prep sessions with a skilled psychologist. They aim to ready you mentally and physically for your psychedelic therapy journey

Psilocybin therapy in Cozumel: Uncover your potential near Riviera Maya

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy in Cozumel Mexico

Our 4+ day retreat at luxury lodgings offers a holistic experience, with wellness meals, workshops, and mindfulness. Enjoy snorkeling, excursions, and beach relaxation. Group and individual therapies, daily yoga, medication management, and psilocybin treatment are included for deep healing and growth

Mushroom ceremonies by the Cozumel shore, moments from Cancun

Post-retreat Integration Therapay

The medicine is vital in your healing, but ongoing integration therapy maintains wellness. For up to six months post-retreat, you'll get continued support from your psychologist, ensuring your transformative experience has a lasting effect

What's included at our Psilocybin-assisted retreat in Cozumel?

5+ day All-inclusive stay

MindScape's Psychedelic Therapy Retreat provides more than luxury lodging. It's a haven for thorough exploration and healing. Our tailored stays feature snorkeling, excursions, and beach relaxation, aiding in reconnecting with nature and self. Enjoy comfort and transformative therapy in tranquility

Psychedelic healing in Cozumel, a blissful retreat from Tulum

5 Star Accommodation & Nutritious Meals 

Daily Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness exercises & sound therapy with singing bowls

Cold Water Immersion Therapy (Ice Bath Therapy) & Temescal (Mayan Sauna)

1-1 Therapy & Group Therapy

2-3 Psilocybin Treatment

PRICE: Starting at $4,000


Snorkel & El Cielo Tour

Shore Excursions

Beach Breaks & Island adventures

Optional 5-MeO-DMT therapy included

Private room w/ full bath

Embrace psilocybin's healing power in Cozumel, nestled close to Riviera Maya

It's your moment to embark on a journey of healing. Don't hesitate – contact us now to start your transformative experience

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