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Ibogaine treatment clinic near cancun mexico in Cozumel mexico at MindScape retreat wellness center

Ibogaine Treatment

MindScape Retreat's Ibogaine Treatment Center in Cozumel Mexico provides a luxurious, all-inclusive experience, specializing in ibogaine-assisted therapy for individuals facing chemical dependency, depression, PTSD, anxiety, and those seeking personal growth and reset. Our approach blends cutting-edge therapy with an immersive connection to nature. Daily snorkel tours, excursions, and beach breaks are integral parts of our program, offering a tranquil environment for healing and rejuvenation. Experience the transformative power of ibogaine therapy in a setting that prioritizes your comfort and well-being, ensuring a journey towards recovery and self-discovery. Away from the bustle of Cancun & Tulum to reconnect with nature.

An Evidence based approach to healing

The 'magic' of our approach lies not just in the medicine itself, but in the comprehensive therapeutic framework we've developed. This framework is designed to sustain and enhance the benefits of the medicine, ensuring lasting positive change. It's a synergy of advanced therapy and supportive practices that truly unlocks the medicine's potential

Types of Iboga Progams

Health & Optimization

Chemical Dependency

Depression, PTSD & Trauma

Our program is thoughtfully curated to guide individuals on a profound journey of personal growth, spirituality, and overall wellness, utilizing the transformative power of Iboga-assisted therapy. The workshops we offer are meticulously designed to foster deep self-awareness, enabling participants to explore their core values and beliefs. Through these sessions, individuals gain invaluable insights into their personal development, catalyzing a journey towards self-discovery and holistic well-being

Using chemical substances and engaging in compulsive behaviors often reflect detrimental habits that persist despite their negative impact on life. These habits typically act as coping strategies for numbing pain, seeking pleasure, self-medicating, or yielding to social pressures. Opting for professional help is a brave and essential step towards healing and recovery.

This treatment model is based on the scientific premise that psychedelic-assisted therapy can profoundly reshape established belief systems and heal deep trauma, enabling a physiological rejuvenation for enduring healing. Tailored for those with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and PTSD, our program includes a range of supportive services targeting the core psychological aspects of these mental health challenges.

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How does Ibogaine/Iboga work?

Cozumel's Ibogaine therapy: Bridging Cancun's energy with holistic healing

Envision the brain as a rigid, unyielding block of clay, an apt metaphor for our ingrained thought patterns and habitual behaviors. Over time, years of conditioning and repetitive habits have made it hard and brittle, symbolizing the difficulty of changing long-established ways of thinking and acting

Experience Iboga's power in Cozumel, a tranquil haven near Tulum

Scientifically, the intake of chemical substances or exposure to external trauma can lead to disruptions in the brain's neural network. This results in the brain's diminished ability to function properly, causing misfiring of neurons and the development of faulty connections

Cozumel's Ibogaine clinic: Integrating Riviera Maya's serenity with healing

According to scientific research, traditional therapy and prescribed medications often work similarly to a sculptor meticulously chipping away at clay to reshape and repair it. This process can be prolonged, spanning years, and recent studies have indicated that this approach has a relatively low success rate in terms relief and support…

Between Cancun and Tulum, find healing at Cozumel's Ibogaine retreat

An Ibogaine treatment is like warming up the clay, effectively 'resetting the clock' on your brain. This process renders the brain more malleable and adaptable in a considerably shorter timeframe. Research suggests that Ibogaine facilitates this by influencing the neuroplasticity of the brain, allowing for rapid and significant changes in neural pathways, and thought patterns

Journey from Riviera Maya to Cozumel for transformative Ibogaine sessions

As the clay transitions into a soft and pliable state, it symbolizes the formation of new neural connections, leading to the transformation of entrenched patterns and habits. This reflects the process of neuroplasticity at work, where the brain's ability to reorganize itself. During Ibogaine therapy, our therapists play a crucial role in swiftly guiding and assisting in the reshaping of the newly malleable mind, facilitating faster and more effective mental transformation

Heal with Ibogaine in Cozumel, a peaceful haven away from Tulum's buzz

Ibogaine assisted-therapy facilitates a smoother transition away from old habits and thought patterns, making it easier to adopt healthier behaviors and attitudes. Your brain will undergo a reset, leading to a sensation of being awakened and rejuvenated. is like turning back the hands of time, providing you with the unique opportunity to break free from old habits and construct new, enduring ones. This process empowers you to redefine your patterns and forge a path towards lasting positive change.

What can you expect on your Ibogaine/Iboga
Assisted Therapy Journey?

Cozumel's Ibogaine clinic: A soulful retreat close to Playa del Carmen

Pre-screening & Application

Our professional, no-obligation screening process is designed to ensure that psychedelic-assisted therapy is the right fit for you. After successfully completing the screening, you'll be asked to pay a deposit to secure your spot for the retreat dates you've selected

Cancun to Cozumel: Embark on an Iboga healing path in tranquil surroundings

Pre-Retreat Preperaration

Prior to your retreat, you will engage in two preparation sessions with a qualified psychologist. These sessions are designed to ensure that you feel mentally and physically prepared before embarking on your psychedelic therapy journey

Riviera Maya's hidden gem: Cozumel's profound Ibogaine healing ceremonies

Ibogaine-Assisted Therapy in Cozumel Mexico

Our retreat offers a comprehensive 7+ day itinerary at our luxury accommodation, providing a holistic and enriching experience. This includes nutritious meals crafted for wellness, guided workshops, and mindfulness practices. You'll enjoy snorkel tours, daily excursions, and relaxing beach breaks, enhancing your connection with nature. The program features both group and individual therapy sessions, daily yoga practices, medication management, and guided Iboga treatment, all designed to foster deep healing and personal growth.

From Tulum's shores to Cozumel's Ibogaine retreat: A journey of renewal

Post-retreat Integration Therapay

The medicine plays a crucial role in your healing journey, but it's the integration therapy that sustains your wellness. Up to six months post-retreat, you'll continue to receive support from your dedicated psychologist, ensuring the lasting impact of your transformative experience

What's included at our Ibogaine retreat in Cozumel?

7+ day All-inclusive stay

MindScape's Ibogaine-Assisted Therapy Retreat offers more than just luxury accommodation. It is an ideal sanctuary for in-depth exploration and healing. Our carefully curated stays include snorkeling tours, shore excursions, and relaxing beach breaks, all designed to help you reconnect with nature and rediscover yourself. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and transformative therapy in a serene environment.

Ibogaine therapy in Cozumel: A serene alternative to the Playa del Carmen hustle

5 Star Accommodation & Nutritious Meals 

Daily Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness exercises & sound therapy with singing bowls

Cold Water Immersion Therapy (Ice Bath Therapy)

Temescal (Mayan Sauna)

1-1 Therapy & Group Therapy

1-3 Ibogaine Treatment

PRICE: Starting at $7,500


Snorkel & El Cielo Tour

Shore Excursions

Beach Breaks & Island adventures

Optional Psilocybin therapy included

Optional 5-MeO-DMT therapy included

Private room w/ full bath

Escape to Cozumel from Riviera Maya for a life-changing Ibogaine treatment experience

It's your moment to embark on a journey of healing. Don't hesitate – contact us now to start your transformative experience

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