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How do Psychedelics work?

An Evidence based approach to healing

This scientifically-backed therapeutic approach suggests that psychedelic-assisted therapy can rewire entrenched belief systems and heal deep trauma, fostering a physiological reset for enduring recovery. Ideal for treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction, our program leverages the power of neuroplasticity to 'turn back the clock' of the brain. This reset breaks unhealthy habits, paving the way for the formation of positive ones. We provide comprehensive support to help reshape and establish new, healthy mental patterns, enhancing overall well-being and resilience.

How do Psychedelics & Psychedelic therapy work?


Imagine the brain as a rigid, unyielding block of clay, a metaphor for fixed thought patterns and deep-seated behaviors. Years of conditioning and repetitive habits solidify it, illustrating the difficulty in changing long-established mental processes and actions. This hardened state reflects the brain's resistance to new ways of thinking and adapting, but with the right approach, it can become malleable again, allowing for profound transformation and growth.


From a scientific perspective, the intake of chemical substances or exposure to trauma can significantly disrupt the brain's neural network, leading to impaired functionality. This disruption often results in neurons misfiring and the creation of faulty neural pathways. Such changes in the brain's circuitry can adversely affect its overall performance, impacting cognitive processes, emotional regulation, and behavior.

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Research indicates that traditional therapy and medication resemble a sculptor painstakingly molding clay, symbolizing a gradual and prolonged process of mental reshaping. Often extending over years, this method has demonstrated only moderate effectiveness in offering relief and support, according to recent scientific studies. These findings highlight the need for more dynamic and immediate approaches to facilitate mental health recovery and well-being.


Psychedelic therapy operates akin to warming clay, effectively 'resetting the clock' of your brain. This action rapidly renders the brain more malleable and adaptable. Research suggests that psychedelics amplifies this effect by influencing brain neuroplasticity, facilitating rapid and significant alterations in neural pathways and thought patterns. This accelerated change aids in overcoming entrenched mental habits and fosters the development of new, healthier cognitive processes


As the clay transitions into a state of softness and flexibility, it symbolizes the formation of new neural pathways and the modification of long-standing habits, illustrating the concept of neuroplasticity at work. This represents the brain's remarkable ability to reorganize and adapt. During Ibogaine therapy at our facility, our skilled therapists play a crucial role in guiding and facilitating the reshaping of this newly malleable mind. Their expertise ensures that these mental transformations are not only rapid but also deeply effective, leading to significant and lasting changes.


Psilocybin-assisted therapy facilitates a smoother transition from entrenched habits and thought patterns to healthier behaviors and perspectives. This therapy essentially resets your brain, creating a profound sense of awakening and rejuvenation. It's akin to turning back the hands of time, providing a unique opportunity to break free from old habits and establish new, sustainable ones. This process empowers individuals to actively reshape their thought patterns and embark on a path of lasting, positive transformation

Types of Psychedic Progams at MindScape Retreat

Health & Optimization

Addictive Behaviors

Depression, PTSD & Trauma

Our program is thoughtfully crafted to take individuals on an immersive journey of personal growth, spirituality, and wellness, facilitated by psychedelic-assisted therapy. Our comprehensive workshops focus on fostering deep self-awareness, inviting participants to delve into their core values and beliefs. These sessions provide essential insights into personal development, catalyzing a journey towards profound self-discovery and holistic well-being, enriching the mind, body, and spirit.

Substance use and behavioral addictions encompass a spectrum of detrimental habits that individuals continue despite negative consequences in their lives. These habits often emerge as coping mechanisms for numbing pain, seeking pleasure, self-medicating, or conforming to social pressures. Recognizing the need for professional assistance is a courageous and crucial step towards healing and recovery. At MindScape Retreat, we are dedicated to helping carve a path for positive change, providing the support and guidance needed to break free from these cycles and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life

This therapeutic strategy is based on the scientific premise that psychedelic-assisted treatment can significantly reformulate deep-rooted belief systems and confront entrenched trauma, enabling a physiological reset crucial for long-term healing. Tailor-made to address treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and PTSD, our program integrates a comprehensive range of supportive services. These services are specifically aimed at tackling the core psychological aspects of these mental health challenges, providing a holistic approach to recovery and well-being. At MindScape Retreat, we combine these advanced treatments with nurturing care to facilitate profound and lasting change.

What can you expect on your Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Journey?


Pre-screening & Application

Our thorough, commitment-free screening ensures psychedelic-assisted therapy suits you. Post-screening, a deposit secures your selected retreat dates


Pre-Retreat Preperaration

Before the retreat, you'll have two prep sessions with a skilled psychologist. They aim to ready you mentally and physically for your psychedelic therapy journey


Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy in Cozumel Mexico

Our retreat offers luxury lodgings and a holistic experience, with wellness meals, workshops, and mindfulness. Enjoy snorkeling, excursions, and beach relaxation. Group and individual therapies, daily yoga, medication management, and psilocybin treatment are included for deep healing and growth


Post-retreat Integration Therapay

The medicine is vital in your healing, but ongoing integration therapy maintains wellness. For up to six months post-retreat, you'll get continued support from your psychologist, ensuring your transformative experience has a lasting effect

What's included at our Psychedelic-assisted retreat in Cozumel?

All-inclusive stay at Cozumel Retreat

MindScape's Psychedelic Therapy Retreat provides more than luxury lodging. It's a haven for thorough exploration and healing. Our tailored stays feature snorkeling, excursions, and beach relaxation, aiding in reconnecting with nature and self. Enjoy comfort and transformative therapy in tranquility

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5 Star Accommodation & Nutritious Meals 

Daily Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness exercises & sound therapy with singing bowls

Cold Water Immersion Therapy (Ice Bath Therapy)

Temescal (Mayan Sauna)

1-1 Therapy & Group Therapy

Psilocybin Treatment, Ibogaine Therapy & 5-MeO-DMT


Snorkel & El Cielo Tour

Shore Excursions

Beach Breaks & Island adventures

Optional 5-MeO-DMT therapy included

Private room w/ full bath

Check retreat availability

It's your moment to embark on a journey of healing. Don't hesitate – contact us now to start your transformative experience

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